Lighting Paid Thru Savings!

Through our green funding program or through the utility companies On-bill financing programs, businesses can upgrade to brand new Baseline LED Solutions lighting with very little or no money out of their pocket. These programs are designed to incentivize the business owner to do their part to save energy all while increasing their bottom line. The financing options we, as well as some of the utility companies provide, allows businesses that may not have the funds on hand to upgrade and save energy, with an option to stretch the payments out over time. Since the savings of converting to LED are greater than the re-payments, the business owner essentially gets new lights paid for by their savings and eventually puts all the extra savings in their pocket. Please talk to our sales consultants for more details and to see if you qualify for one of these programs.  Nationwide LED Lighting, Sports Facility Lighting, Tennis Court Lighting.

Choose Baseline LED Solutions, For Both Product Innovation and Excellent Customer Service

Nowadays, electricity bills in the commercial sector are rising rapidly. This is resulting in increasing business expenses. However, our Baseline LED Solutions are energy efficient so they not only help to protect the environment but also help your bank balance too.

Our innovative solutions promise to light up your office, factory, workplace and storages in a flick of a switch. Over the course of a few years, our energy saving solutions has saved a large number companies from paying massive amounts of electricity bills without decreasing the luminosity of their workplace.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a tailored lighting solution that is unique to its situation. Although there are many companies providing similar services but we believe that the difference is in the thought, care and design behind our products. We provide extra-ordinary service throughout the entire process from beginning till end.

Why Choose LED Lighting?

A number of researches have shown that LED lighting is far more efficient than any other energy means and can save you money in many different ways. Here are all the reasons, as to why you should transfer your lighting systems to LED lights: 

  • Our LED light bulbs are the best in industry and can turn almost 90% of their consumed energy into light, hence providing you good value for your money.
  • We play our part in saving the environment. All of our LED lighting solutions are eco-friendly and doesn’t contain any toxic chemical.
  • Hiring us for an energy solution can ensure that your place is being lightened up at a low-voltage power supply.
  • Our design selection for LED bulbs is gigantic. With the potential to get into any shape, we provide our clients with greater control over illumination.

Cutting Down The Long R.O.I:

No matter whether you need an energy solution for your retail store or a sports center, we have experts who understand the unique needs and particular applications of your business and strive to provide a full-fledge service well within your budget.

Buying our products directly from the manufacturers mean you can save the price commissions of tech owners, wholesalers and electricians. Cutting down these unnecessary services allow us to keep our prices to a minimal, so we can save you quite a bit of money when you are hiring us to fulfill all of your lighting needs. Moreover, we are your one-stop solution because we provide all the services from inspection to the installation.

You won’t have to hire different companies for different tasks, but can have a peace of mind knowing that your lighting solution is being provided by the best experts in the industry.

Working with us means that you are growing your business by saving on your electricity expenses.

LED Lighting Applications

Manufacturing Centers

Baseline demands in manufacturing centers and factories are at the highest. The energy consumption of an entire place is great and cannot be reduced at any cost. However, switching your energy systems to LED lights with us don’t only promise an easy and stress-free transfer, but bring down your energy costs over a course of several months.

Sports Facility Lighting

Sports complexes and centers always require the lighting solutions, based on the best technology with the most power. The quality of lights provided by our LED solution will eliminate the shadows and dark sports on the playing field and give more visibility to the spectators.

Retail Store Lighting

Proper lighting enhances the beauty of a retail store and attracts more and more customers to visit the place hence increasing the sales of the store. No matter whether you want to give your retail store a warm and soft look or a cold look, we can manage it all with our lighting solutions.

Parking Lots & Garages

We understand that upgrading the lighting on car parks can be overwhelming so we bring our experience with a consultative approach to provide you with all the LED options. Our product ranges for car parks include, Vapor proofs, High rays and panel lights.e spectators.

Healthcare Facilities

We understand that the lighting demands of a hospital can be complex. From patient rooms to surgical suites, it’s imperative that the lighting be accurate. We provide the expert lighting advice and take into consideration your staff and patient needs.

Education Lighting

While fluorescent lighting has been the source of classroom lighting for the past 75 years, mercury-free LED (light-emitting diode) technology is transforming the landscape with bright ideas. The cycle of fluorescent is constantly moving as the phosphors are excited by gases to create light, a process that may be distracting for some individuals

Cold Storarge

The benefits of LED lighting systems in cold storage facilities extend beyond the wattage savings of each lighting fixture. In cold storage facilities, every kilowatt hour (kWh) saved in lighting load will save additional kWh in cooling load since the refrigeration system will no longer need to dissipate extra BTUs (British Thermal Units) produced by an inefficient lighting system.

Car Dealerships

LED lighting has the power to captivate car buyers, guide customers through the dealership and create an engaging environment- inside and out. A well-lit dealership can be the deciding factor between a customer pulling into your lot or moving on to a competito For auto dealerships, high-quality lighting makes all the difference in impressing prospective buyers.


Many offices across the US are switching to LED lighting. There are many benefits that LED’s offer to a business. The atmosphere in office buildings is being transformed by the installation of LED tubes and troffers. e spectators.


High bay lighting is the most common type of lighting used in areas that have high ceilings or need to be illuminated from a great distance of fifteen feet or more. You most commonly find bay lighting in such places as arenas, stadiums, gyms, factories, warehouses, loading docks and more.


We understand that upgrading the lighting on car parks can be overwhelming so we bring our experience with a consultative approach to provide you with all the LED options. Our product ranges for car parks include, Vapor proofs, High rays and panel lights.e spectators.

Food Processing

We understand that upgrading the lighting on car parks can be overwhelming so we bring our experience with a consultative approach to provide you with all the LED options. Our product ranges for car parks include, Vapor proofs, High rays and panel lights.e spectators.

Our customer care representatives strive to provide you with nothing, but the best. If you have any queries regarding our services or products, feel free to call us at (805) 991-2473. 

Why Choose Baseline LED Solutions

At Baseline we provide you with options to fit your particular application and your budget. By working direct with manufacturers, we are able to provide a variety of product lines at competitive prices. We cut out many of the middle-men so that we may present the most viable solution to each of our customers and manage the process from inception to completion. LED’s are the most cost effective solution for your business and when you work with us you reap the benefit of the fastest payback solution as well.


Led Lighting is a sure bet

Upgrading to LED lighting is one of the best moves you can make for your business and for the planet. Your return on investment will be two-fold; your decision to go-green with LED will benefit future generations to come and will also benefit your bottom line with a return on investment anywhere from 80-95%.

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